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Master Pneumatic provides filters to meet your compressed air filtration requirements for clean air by removing water, particulates and/or oil. On our website ( you are able to select general purpose filters with micron ratings of 5 um, 20 um or 40 um to remove water and particulate material.

Coalescing filters remove oil and solid contaminants with 0.3 to 0.01 micron elements.
To remove air line vapors add an adsorbing filter. They produce air that is virtually free of oil and hydrocarbon vapors removing orders from alcohols, esters and ketones.
Choose one of our Clean Air Packages to easily combine all three of these filters into one assembly.
For point of use cleaning and drying try our Filenco dryer filters which use clay desicant, activated carbon or molecular sieves.

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Fluid Power Challenge

More than 160 sixth-grade students from the Warren Consolidated School District met at Macomb Community College February 6th to learn how pressurized gases and liquids are used in applications as diverse as tipping the bed of a dump truck, powering assembly line components or bringing robotic characters to life at amusement parks.

The goal of Master Pneumatics Fluid Power Challenge, the first ever held in Michigan, is to introduce students first-hand to the concepts involved with fluid power, a term used to describe both pneumatics and hydraulics. Pneumatics transfers power using a gas – usually compressed air – while hydraulics uses compressed liquids, such as oil or water.

On Feb. 6, students met to build small pneumatic lifters using tubing, syringes and other materials and develop the skills they will need to operate them. On March 26, the teams will meet again to compete, using their machines to solve engineering problems such as picking up weighted objects and placing them on a platform. Teams will be graded based on how well their machines operate and how well they work together as a group. Both sessions will be held at the John Lewis Student Community Center (K Building) on Macomb’s South Campus.

According to the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA), fluid power is a growing, rapidly changing field that is facing a shortage of skilled workers. The Fluid Power Challenge was created by the affiliated NFPA Education and Technology Foundation to help address the shortage by actively engaging students with hands-on activities that allow them to put fluid power to work.

The idea to bring a Fluid Power Challenge to Michigan was championed by Master Pneumatic Inc. in Sterling Heights, which is helping to organize the event at Macomb. David Hone, president of Master Pneumatic and NFPA board member, said his company has been an active member of NFPA for 50 years and contributor to the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation since its inception. Hone said he wanted to bring the Fluid Power Challenge to Michigan because he has a strong interest in helping to develop the future workforce of the fluid power industry.

Since the program was launched in 2008, more than 30 Fluid Power Challenge events have been held in the United States and India, according to the NFPA. Similar events are held in Canada under the auspices of the Canadian Fluid Power Association.

Master Pneumatic Introduces Compressed Air Testing

Master Pneumatic is pleased to announce our new compressed air analysis program.

Our talented team of experts in conjunction with our 3rd party A2LA accredited lab have developed a compressed air test to analyze or certify the quality or cleanliness of the air or gas in your customers circuit.

Master Pneumatic has developed this program based on the needs of our end users in general industrial manufacturing, food, beverage, breathing air, and pharmaceuticals. For the Food and beverage , breathing air, and pharmaceutical industries this certification process is being driven by ever increasing regulations from the government derived from ISO 8573 and is now required to be done based on the end users applications.

The MP AirCheck kit provides you the distributor with a new tool that can be utilized as a door opener for new potential customers that have air quality issues or need to have their air certified on a structured reoccurring basis. Based on the results of the test, you may have the opportunity to provide solutions through MP filter product lines.

There are several types of tests that can be offered from the most basic being a particle, water , and oil test that will show particle distribution/counts, water level, and oil level; to a much more intricate test that would provide microbial counts, Gram staining/Morphological description per colony.

This new service will be another tool to separate from your competitors and allow you to satisfy your customers needs based on our affordable analytical methods.
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SERV-OIL is the most advanced system for the precision lubrication of pneumatic equipment. It has been used for over thirty years to provide lubrication to all kinds of pneumatic equipment and various fixtures, bearings, slides and ways. It overcomes the control problems that can be encountered with conventional mist lubricators. It also ensures proper lubrication of pneumatic components in complex circuits, and accurately delivers lubricant to points at a long distance from lubricator.

Positive displacement oil injectors called Servo-Meters are the heart of Serv-Oil equipment. They put pre-determined, precise amounts of oil right at the points where lubrication is needed. by comparison, mist lubricators lack the precision and control of a Serv-Oil system.

Extensive tests have shown that when a conventional mist lubricator is installed upstream of a control valve, much of the oil dispensed by the lubricator is exhausted to atmosphere through the exhaust port of the control valve. This is inefficient and also contributes significantly to pollution of plant air.

With Serv-Oil equipment the amount of oil used is greatly reduced and lubrication is more effective because of the accuracy with which the oil is delivered.

Essentially- Serv-Oil lubricates the component, not the area!

Serv-Oil helps to deliver maximum performance, extended life, reduced maintenance, less downtime, and improved torque control.

The Serv-Oil Single Point Injection Lubricator for Air Tools is specifically designed to inject a predetermined amount of oil at the inlet of an air tool every time it cycles, every 5th cycle or every 10th cycle.

The Serv-Oil Single Point Downstream Injection Lubricator is designed to be installed downstream of control valve using a small nylon tube to deliver oil to desired lubrication point for cylinders, air motors, or other pneumatic equipment.

At Master Pneumatic, we’re committed to helping you find useful solutions, such as Clean Air Packages, to make your business more efficient. Looking for a more complete solution? Master Pneumatic’s engineering team can put together a custom package that suits all your needs. For more information, contact our customer service department.

Did you know that in critical applications when vapor impurities are a potential problem, the installation of a Clean Air Package can provide a potential solution?

Ultra clean air is provided by using the particulate filters as the first line of defense against gross contaminants found in all air lines. Elements remove solid particles larger than 5 micron, while automatic drains eliminate liquid water and oil emulsions that collect in the sump area. The particulate filter serves as a pre-fiter to extend the life of the more costly coalescing element used for the next stage of filtration.

· The coalescing filter element will further clean the air of residual oil mists, aerosols, and minute particles, larger than 0.3 micron.
· A standard differential pressure gauge warns when the pressure drop exceeds 8 to 10 psi, indicating that the coalescing element should be changed.
· The adsorber filter will provide air, virtually free of oil and most hydrocarbons. It effectively eliminates odors from freons, alcohols, esthers, ketones, and up to 99% of most hydrocarbons.

Clean Air Packages are available with port sizes ranging from 1/4 to 3/4.
At Master Pneumatic, we’re committed to helping you find useful solutions, such as Clean Air Packages, to make your business more efficient. Looking for a more complete solution? Master Pneumatic’s engineering team can put together a custom package that suits all your needs. For more information, contact our customer service department.

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